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[ Drug names in RED are of high risk to all deficiency variants. Names in GREEN are of low risk. ]

NameMolecular Formula Risk Level
For WhomNote
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868 2-Naphthol C10 H8 O High All
754 Acetanilide (acetanilid) C8 H9 N O High Medit., Asia
847 Acetazolamide C4 H6 N4 O3 S2 Medium All
900 Acetophenetidin (phenacetin) - Low All
755 Acetylphenylhydrazine (2-Phynylacetohydrazide) C8 H10 N2 O High All Note
756 Aldesulfone sodium (sulfoxone) C14 H14 N2 Na2 O6 S3 High All
757 Aminophenazone (aminopyrine) C13 H17 N3 O Medium All
901 Aminopyrine (Pyramidon, amidopyrine) - Low All
758 Antazoline (antistine) C17 H19 N3 Medium All
902 Antipyrine - Low All
829 Arginine (2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid) C6 H14 N4 O2 Medium All
759 Arsine As-H3 High All Note
846 Ascorbic Acid C6 H8 O6 High All
897 Azathioprine (use with caution) - Low All Note
896 Baclofen (use with caution) - Low All Note