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Chinese Herbs to Avoid

[Courtesy of Mrs. Joe and Jim Fare]
Original Chinese documents - zipped]
See also John J. C. Lew's list of herbs that are unsafe for G6PD deficient patients .


Cattle Gallstone Bezoar
(Bos Taurus Domesticus)
Influences the heart and liver channels. Opens up the senses, dissolves phlegm, extinguishes wind, neutralizes fire-toxins and stops tremors.
Commonly used to treat fainting, mental disorders, convulsions, high fever and all forms of hot, red swellings.

(Lonicera Japonica)
Influences the large intestine, lung and stomach channels. Clears dampness in the lower body, relieves externally caused wind and clears fire toxicity.
Commonly used to treat painful urination, fever, sore throat, headache, sores, swellings and abcesses.

Chimonanthus Flower
(Chimonanthus Praecox)
Influences the liver and lung channels. Neutralizes heat-toxins, clears phlegm and activates blood and circulation.
Commonly used to treat fever, sore throat and painful eye problems. Also used to clear the last stage of measles.

Huang Lian (黄连)
Mainly yielded in the province of Si Chuan (四川), therefore it's also called Chuan Lian (川连). Bitter in flavour, cold in property. Acting on heart, stomach, liver & large intestine channels. It clears away heat, dries dampness, purges fire and clears toxins. Commonly used to treat diarrhea, high fever and suppurative infections of the damp-heat type.
[Courtesy of John Lew, Physician, Traditional Chinese Medicine,]

100% Pearl Powder
Used to clear excess heat, settle the mind and frequent, fitful dreams. It can also be applied externally for mild acne and to promote a clear and clean complexion.