Limited Access

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This page contents are open to associated medical staff, paying members, supporters, donors and volunteers.

You may get access to limited-access resources by:
  1. Registering as a person associated with healthcare organizations (or edit you Profile if you've already registered);
  2. Supporting us (access to protected resources is granted to donors of 25 Euro or more and is subject to the Association's sole discretion; rejected donors will be fully refunded);
  3. Volunteering to promote G6PD Deficiency awareness in your country following our guidelines.

All requests are subject to our approval.
Limited-access resources include:
  1. The association's brochure, in PDF format, which includes:
    • some basic information regarding the deficiency
    • lists of drugs and foodstuff to avoid and drugs that are safe to take
    • answers to frequent questions
  2. Lists of trade-names of drugs that should be avoided (divided by country)
  3. Search within our database of drugs to be avoided;
  4. Advanced Medical Studies Forum (to open in early April 2012).

 Why we must ask for your contributions:


Our association is run by volunteers. We have no outside funds, no advertisers and no institutional support.

For more than a decade we ran this site paying from our own private pockets.

With rising costs of server rentals and site maintenance, we found ourselves facing two options:

  1. Close down our Web site, forum and mailing lists.
  2. Ask for donations from our visitors, while allowing all registered visitors free access to basic information, including list of drugs that must be avoided.

Your donations allow us to:

  • Hire health professionals to create and update list of trade-names of drugs that must be avoided.
  • Hire health professionals to create and update list of healthcare centers that care for G6PD deficient patients.
  • Rent web servers
  • Maintain and update our servers.