Created by Associazione Italiana Favismo Deficit di G6PD onlus – now administered by volunteers

G6PD Deficiency Association now Favism Site: Free Mobile App

The App allows you to SEARCH drugs that are contraindicated to G6PD Deficient patients, as well as drugs that are of low-risk to such patients.

Simply enter a drug name (e.g., Dopamine) or a trade name (e.g., Levadopa) and view results that usually include:

  1. Drug name
  2. Risk level
  3. Molecular formula
  4. All trade names of this drug (covering many world countries)

All data has been created, double-checked and is constantly being updated by a group of pharmaceutical experts, so it can be trusted.

Additional features:

  • Drug List: List that includes all drug names, molecular formula, risk level
  • Drug search: Search drug names or trade names
  • SETTINGS: Where you can select a language

Links for download: