G6PD Deficiency Association: Free Mobile App

In early June 2015 the Association has released a free Mobile App for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (most other mobile devices) operations systems.

The App is offered in both English and Italian to all donors and healthcare professionals registered on our Web site (registration is free).

The App allows you to SEARCH drugs that are contraindicated to G6PD Deficient patients, as well as drugs that are of low-risk to such patients.

Simply enter a drug name (e.g., Dopamine) or a trade name (e.g., Levadopa) and view results that usually include:

  1. Drug name
  2. Risk level
  3. Molecular formula
  4. All trade names of this drug (covering many world countries)

All data has been created, double-checked and is constangly being updated by a group of pharmaceutical experts, so it can be trusted.

Additional features:

  • UNSAFE DRUGS: List that includes contraindicated drug names, molecular formula, risk level
  • UNSAFE TRADE NAMES: List of contraindicated drug trade names
  • LOW-RISK DRUGS: List of low-risk drugs that may be taken in normal therapeutic doses
  • LOW-RISK TRADE NAMES: List of low-risk drug trade names
  • SETTINGS: Where you can select a language

Links for download:

You'll be required to enable the App upon first use. Please enter the user-name and password that you use to login to our site at www.g6pd.org.

Please note that you may also use the password listed below to login.

If you encounter any problems activating the App, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: You may find other apps (for pay) offering information regarding G6PD Deficiency, some of them even citing our Web site as source (without asking our permission and thus in breach of copyright laws). Please note that most information offered by the apps we've examined was copied from an older version of our Web site, listing unverified lists of contraindicated drugs (many years-old, before we hired qualified pharmaceutical experts to verify and update our lists). Use these apps with due caution.

We'll be more than happy to hear your impressions and suggestions. Please send us your feedback here.

PLEASE NOTE: The App is offered FREE OF CHARGE to donors and healthcare professionals. Donations may be made here from as little as $5.00.