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G6PD Deficiency and Favism Mailing List Policy

The primary purposes of this list are to discuss health problems and share experiences related to G6PD deficiency, and to announce new resources that may benefit the G6PD deficiency community. It is not meant as substitute for your physician, lawyer, political consultant or psychologist.

Remember that there are hundreds of subscribers who read your messages, so try to treat them and their time with due respect.

Each message to the list should preferably be in plain text (rather than HTML) and be

  • a question specifically related to G6PD deficiency, or
  • an answer to such question, or
  • an announcement of new resources for the G6PD deficiency community, or
  • an offer to help the G6PD deficiency community.

Before posting a question, make sure you've read ALL MATERIAL included in the brochure (lists of drugs and foodstuff to avoid, G6PD deficiency genealogy, etc.) and searched the list archive.

Messages should have a short but descriptive subject (to help referencing in the list archive), and a detailed message body. Attachments should be avoided unless absolutely necessary in describing the problem.
Please refrain from using profanity. Sex, race or political discrimination will not be tolerated.

You may not unsubscribe nor edit a member email address that is not your own. Anyone caught trying to do that shall be removed from the list for ever.